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We are so grateful to have some amazing customers. Here is what some of them have had to say:

"While working with Cumberland Ready Mix on the North Island Hospital Project, I was very impressed with their customer service and knowledge of the concrete industry. With a tight schedule and unpredictable weather conditions we would often require concrete at short notice. They were very accommodating and always delivered."

- Kyle Hiebert, Field Engineer, Graham Construction

"Our experience with Cumberland Ready Mix in completing the North Island Hospital Project super structure was extremely positive. We found all their staff to be friendly, helpful, cooperative and very professional. It was a pleasure working with their team."

- Heath Avery, Superintendent, Farmer Construction

"I use Cumberland Ready Mix because they give great service. If they say they’re going to do something, they do it. And if there’s ever an issue, they step up to the plate and make it right."

- Pat Bell, Pat Bell Construction Ltd.

"The concrete finishers we work with are always very pleased to use Cumberland Ready Mix concrete because they say the mix is very predictable from one job to the next. They all claim that Cumberland’s is the best concrete in town, hands down."

- Mike Collins, Braden West General Contractors Ltd.

"I use Cumberland Ready Mix pretty much exclusively. They’re prompt and courteous, the drivers are all very careful on the job site and they’re pleasant and helpful. They’re also very progressive in terms of trying new things and different types of concrete. There’s no reason I’d go anywhere else."

- Paul Hedegard, Paul Hedegard Construction Ltd.

"I would recommend Cumberland Ready Mix to anyone. I deal with them exclusively because they have never given me a reason not to. They are 100% reliable, on time and they consistently do what they say they are going to do."

- Peter Croonen, Croonen Construction Ltd.

"The best things about Cumberland Ready Mix are their customer service and the quality of their product. Their concrete products always meet or exceed the standards and specs associated with the project. They deliver in a timely manner, and when we need a little extra assistance they’re always there to help us."

- Guthrie Lefevre, AFC Construction Ltd.

"I’ve used Cumberland Ready Mix exclusively for the past seven years. Keith treats his employees well, which you can tell from the consistently friendly service. He does little things for them that are above and beyond what an employer needs to do, and he therefore keeps loyal employees."

- Garry Steele, Eau Claire Properties

"When you’re building a home, everything needs to happen on a schedule. Cumberland Ready Mix gets that. They’re flexible when it comes to working with my timeline, but they’re also honest about what they can and can’t do. So when Cumberland Ready Mix says they’ll be there, I know they’ll be there."

- Ben Christensen, Benco Ventures

"Service is a really big part of why we stick with Cumberland Ready Mix. They treat us really well, their drivers are all friendly and competent and their prices are competitive. They get everything done that we need, and I’ve never had any reason to go elsewhere."

- Ryan McQueen, McQueen Construction Ltd.