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Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete

Answered by the Comox Valley’s concrete experts! Here are the most frequently asked questions we hear at Cumberland Ready Mix:

No. For example, the new Comox Valley Hospital project required 16 different concrete formulas. Every batch of concrete is made specifically for its intended purpose by blending appropriate amounts of cement, water and aggregate. This ensures that each batch of concrete has the necessary strength, density and/or chemical or thermal resistance for its intended application.
Cumberland Ready Mix is the only concrete company on north of Victoria with a full-time quality control specialist and our own testing lab. By continually testing the chemistry of our concrete, we ensure that yours is exactly the right blend for your project.
We’re located in Cumberland, BC and deliver concrete throughout the Comox Valley. We supply projects from Oyster River to Deep Bay, including Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland, Denman and Hornby Islands as well as Mount Washington and Forbidden Plateau.
Yes! We can create any colour of concrete under the rainbow! Coloured concrete is a popular way to create stunning walks, driveways, patios and other structures. It’s also becoming increasingly popular with architects as a high-end flooring choice in both commercial and residential construction. See the colour options on the Interstar website.
Concrete floors are durable, won’t warp like wood can and don’t easily stain or crack like some tile floors can. They provide better sound insulation than most other materials and are incredibly easy to keep clean. Plus, when done right, concrete floors look spectacular!
Yes. Our dedicated team and our fleet of 12 ready-mix trucks make us extremely responsive, and we’ll do everything we can to work with your timeline. That said, we’ll never agree to a deadline we know we can’t make just so we don’t lose the sale. Unlike some other companies, we’ll only agree to a scheduled time if we know we can keep our promise.
Yes. Email us to request a special appearance or drive-by.
Hardened concrete is porous and filled with tiny capillaries that cause surface scaling if exposed to moisture and freezing. Entrained air acts as the solution, allowing concrete to withstand expansion. Air entrainment is the controlled infusion of billions of microscopic air bubbles into concrete by introducing a chemical agent. Our team of experts infuses the entrained air into concrete mixes to maximize the strength and durability of your exterior concrete. The mix of air entrainment varies per project, but between 4 and 7 per cent is generally best suited for resisting the freeze-thaw conditions of the Comox Valley.
Sealing exterior concrete forms an impermeable barrier that prevents moisture absorption and guards against staining, weather corrosion and surface scaling. In addition to virtually eliminating moisture absorption, topical and penetrative sealers enhance the appearance and durability of your exterior concrete. Most sealers have a lifespan of 5 years or more.
Yes, and no one beats our prices! We produce a line of standard interlocking concrete blocks for retaining walls and aquaculture. Click here for details.
Yes. We have a dedicated concrete pump and operator on site, and we have access to an entire fleet of concrete pumps that we can call on to meet the needs of our customers. Click here for details.

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