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Curing and Sealing your Concrete

Curing and Sealing your Concrete

Once your concrete project is completed, there are still two very important steps to be completed which will improve quality and the life expectancy of your investment: Curing and Sealing.

Curing the concrete is a three to seven-day process that will maintain its strength and durability and prevent cracking. Sealing the concrete prevents it from surface contaminants.

Curing the concrete involves keeping the surface of the concrete project wet continuously for three, up to the recommended seven days, and the process starts immediately after the completion of the final finishing stage. This phase can be done in a variety of ways: sprinklers, soaker hoses with burlap and plastic to ensure even and consistent water distribution. In the absence of the curing process, lowered durability, more cracking and larger cracks and diminished strength can result.

Concrete is susceptible to staining and can be damaged by harsh chemicals due to its porous nature. Sealing your concrete can protect your investment against these and other types of occurrences. Sealing is accomplished through the application of a liquid concrete sealer to the entire finished, concrete surface. There are a variety of sealers available, depending on your desired application. Cumberland Ready Mix can help you choose an appropriate sealer.

Learn more about curing and sealing concrete. In addition, various sealing and curing agents are available. Contact us with your specific needs and we can recommend the appropriate sealing or curing agent to maximize the life of your concrete.